Here we go

from small beginnings…

I have felt compelled to start a blog.  It really started with us having money problems lately, and as I’m searching through the wild world of the internet and the billions of pages of how we did this and cut corners here and everything else, everyone is suggesting blogging.  Which, I personally, don’t think is going to make money.  But I have been on this incredible journey this past year, that when I feel the Spirit of the Lord tell me to do something.  I do it.  It has taken me to some amazing people and fantastic places, and I feel that all of that, has been preparing me for this?  For this very moment.  To talk to you.  To tell you how I got here, and so you can be with me, as we go from here, and hopefully will inspire you to “go”.  
So, let’s start with how I got prepared to get here.  Last year was the most terrible year of my life.  I could probably make a whole blog about how terrible last year was, but I’m not going to since I do not wish to dwell in the past – but the part I will tell you, is this, the absolute worst part of last year, was when my dad died.  To be honest, everything else that happened was made infinitely insignificant compared to that.  Now, I spent the next several months, intermittently going to church, starting to try to pray on a regular basis again, just kind of going through motions.  Then, it finally started really going again.  I really started getting back to being present in my life.  Started praying on a regular basis again, going to church – every Sunday, getting together with other Christians, and this has made all the difference.  

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