Good work!

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. – Ephesians 2:10

The out-pouring of love I have seen in the recent weeks has been very moving. The resilience and ability to overcome and to reach out and to still find ways to help one another has been incredible to watch and experience. God is on the move. I have heard several people in the last weeks say that there will be a great revival. I believe it is already in motion. I believe that people are already experiencing it. Currently as the numbers climb and the stress and lack of foresight increases, it is important to focus on the positive things. To focus on what you can do within your circle and be encouraged by what others are doing.

Millions of people are sewing handmade masks at home and donating to their local hospitals and nursing homes to help protect those in need. And fabric stores are donating material to mask-makers.

Landlords are waiving rent fees for their tenants.

Schools are offering food to needy families to help with school closures.

A famous football team donated their jet to be used to go to China to acquire 1.2 million masks to go to New Jersey and New York for people in need.

Companies from other parts of the world that are not as affected are acquiring and shipping masks to companies they do business with that are affected.

Teachers have stepped up and figured out how to help make online school possible for thousands of students so they don’t have to try to make up this time later.

People are finding innovative ways to help keep connections with those in isolation by reading books on TV, doing facetime videos, and praying and socializing on messenger.

Movements like #we’reallinthistogether and #worldofhearts have been started as outward displays of solidarity during this time.

People are doing grocery shopping and stores have started special hours for the older people to help minimize their risk.

Restaurants have shifted gears to offer free and contact-less delivery to help make sure people can still go to work and eat and utilize food resources.

Truckers are getting free meals for offering an essential service.

Companies are changing their work to help protect their employees and sometimes modifying what they manufacture to utilize their resources to help make items that are in short supply.

Stores are shutting down and disinfecting every night to help minimize risk to their customers. And essential workers are still going to work and risking their lives to help keep these places open.

#Godshowedup! You know last night, we were watching a movie together and toward the end, I turned to my son and said, “Humans can do incredible things, and what’s funny is they don’t even realize it until it’s happening, until it seems like the only thing that can be done.” We step up. When the cards are down, and our backs are against the wall, we step up. And when you look back at human history, we’ve been doing it forever. There are millions of stories throughout the ages of the incredible things that humans can accomplish.

And, I like to think, it’s because we’re tapping into that part of us that God sent his son to die for. God knows that we’re amazing. God knows his creation. God loves us so much that he sent the one to die for the many. He made the ultimate sacrifice to save our souls, that we may live in Him and feel that connection to Him. Remember in this time, to focus on the positive and remember your Creator. He is incredible, and He made us – no less incredible.

Let’s Pray

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you! Thank you for sending your son to die for us, that we may live in You. That we may honor you with our lips and our lifestyles. That others may see you through us. That you may bless the work of our hands and the words from our mouths Father. We also pray for everyone. For everyone on the front lines helping those in need, for the physicians, the nurses, the hospital staff, for the fast food workers, the grocery store clerks, for the truckers, for the manufacturers, and for everyone who is doing their part in every way. We pray that you heal the nations and wash over us in Your Great Glory. We pray today and every day that you keep people safe, that you continue to work miracles, that you work miracles through us. That you heal the sick and bless their bodies. That you watch over the well, and keep us safe. We pray from deep within our souls Father that you bless us. That you pour out your blessing on each and every one of us, that we may know that You are God. Thank you for all that you’ve done for us, and all that you will do. In the blessed name of JESUS CHRIST!! AMEN!!!

Mission’s Circle

This week I’m encouraging you to find a way to help out. Focus on the positive. If you are already doing something, then bless you! Keep on, keeping on!

But if you haven’t, then show the world your love, and God’s love for them by finding a way to help here:

Make a video of something fun and interesting for those in isolation

Facetime people you know who are in isolation

Are there elderly/older people around you? Save them a trip to the store (next time you go), by picking up their stuff too and delivering it to them

Make masks and donate to local clinics, nursing homes, older people you know (many states have a specific #millionmaskmayday page to find local places that need masks if you’re local clinic isn’t accepting them.) (see last week’s post for links to patterns and instructions)

Participate in #worldofhearts or #we’reallinthistogether by decorating your windows with hearts

Think of something on your own. What can you do to help? Everyone can be a missionary, where they’re at.

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