What a difference…

11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. – Ecclesiastes 3:11

a year makes

I always find as the year comes to an end, how life has changed in such a seemingly short period of time. Sometimes, for the better, sometimes for the worse. This past year, was thankfully, for the better. I have been quite caught up recently in how different my life looks now, compared to this time last year. And, I know, that all of it is thanks to my Heavenly Father. As previous years had experienced trials and tribulations, as bouts of my life have been roller coasters of madness and mayhem, this past year, was exceptionally great. Don’t get me wrong, it had it’s moments. But in the great, overall comparison. I find myself eternally grateful.

Last year at this time, my ends weren’t just not meeting, they couldn’t even see each other. I’m not sure they were even in the same building, let alone the same room. Our little family was going through a time of transition, a time of flex. I was working two jobs to try to help the ends get closer together, and I started writing this blog, and I was still trying to maneuver keeping a Bible Study together, and the million other little things I do. I was still recovering from the blow of falling and terribly injuring my back. I was still learning what life was like without my dad. My husband had left his old job and was battling his own demons. Our son was just trying to be a kid, who was also dealing with all his own stuff, living in a house, with two parents recovering from all these things. A time of flex. But strong, is what you are, when you have no other choice. And, by God, that is absolutely what my family is. Strong.

And, to think, how different this year looks. I have a new job – which made my ends almost able to make knots ;), my ladies’ bible study group finally got their forever home (I hope!) – we just had our first meeting in our newest location this past week! (Praise God!), my blog has a consistent audience – that I pray reads these words and is encouraged and grows from them. My husband is doing leaps and bounds better than last year, our candle business is taking off and doing seemingly better than ever before. Our son, is also doing better. As any parent knows, when the parents are doing better, generally the children improve, thankfully this is the case this time as well.

I’m telling you all of that, to tell you this. The biggest ways that #Godshowedup sometimes, is in the little things. It’s in the every day. It’s in the small ways and steps that we gradually take forward. In the things we take for granted. He is our strength, when we have no strength. He is the good, good Father, and if we continually trust in him, he will lead our steps. He will bring us forward. He will guide us in the ways that we should go. We just have to trust Him. Each & every day. Because, He doesn’t always show up in the big ways we expect, but he fine-tunes the little things sometimes, that we might miss. Until we take a step back and look at the big picture. At the difference a year can make. We have to trust Him for the battles, because He has won the war. We have to believe that what He has in store for us, is better than we can imagine for ourselves. We cannot see the forest for the trees, but He’s got the whole forest in His hands. My forest, and your forest, and your family’s forest, and He can absolutely see where we need to go, every step of the way. And, if we just trust Him, He will take us there.

Let’s Pray

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for this day, and all the days. Thank you for every thing that you do for me, and for each person that reads this blog, for the lives they touch, for the people they love, for each and every one of them is precious in your eyes. That you may bless their hands, and their steps. That you may guide them every step of the way. That you may watch over them, and protect them, and keep them safe. That you may heal them, inside and out. That you may be the everlasting and everloving light that you are. A lamp unto our feet. That you have our lives in your hands, and we couldn’t ask for anything better. Bless your name Father. Bless our lives. May we all feel the incredible love, and life that you have for us. IN JESUS’ NAME!! AMEN!

Mission’s Circle

I’m taking a moment to encourage a mission that isn’t near my home, but it’s focus is near and dear to my heart. PTSD, mental illness, and addictions are serious, and real. They affect millions of people every year, and they’re so deceptive because they typically are dressed in normal clothes, and look like regular people. But, as my entire life has shown me, these people struggle the most. How hard is it to explain that your brain is your own worst enemy? How impossible is it to explain, that there is no tangible reason that you can’t function like everyone else, because you simply can’t. These are the battles that millions of people face. An underlying disease and crisis that sits just below the surface and doesn’t get nearly the attention it should, considering how many people are struggling with it. Feel free to check these guys out, I did find one that has a focus on helping people find Christ while they endure this journey, but really, take a moment and reach out wherever you can. Even if you don’t understand, sometimes the biggest impact you can make is just being there for someone who needs it.

A Place of Hope

Pray for those who need it, and for those who help, and for everyone fighting a battle today ❤

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