One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.” John 11:1

So important

I cannot emphasize enough how powerful it is to pray. And yet, one of the most neglected things that we do (or don’t do) as believers. The importance of prayer. I must say, in the growth that I was talking about last week, where I did most of my growing was in prayer. Some of the times, where I was the most fed, was in that sacred time with the Lord. In that time dedicated to prayer. It’s like each step of our walk just draws us in closer, and brings us in to that deeper relationship with the Father. There’s a reason they’re called Prayer Warriors. Because it’s true. And when you meet a true Prayer Warrior, there’s just something about them. But, let me tell you a little secret…. You can be a Prayer Warrior too. Anyone can.

So, I was just like you. Had become a believer, was starting to go to church again, but this time. I had this fire inside me. This aching to make this more, to know more, to understand more. And, so I started reading a little 2 minute daily devotional. And, one of the things this daily devotional focused on, was at least 2 of the days during the week, you would just be praying and meditating on prayer/during prayer. Thinking about what you’re praying about. That was a seed. A seed that started to sprout. I started to realize that this prayer time had something to it. This supernatural feeling. This calm. This peace. This warm and loving glow. This sensation that I just couldn’t get enough of. And, so I started to focus more of my devotionals on prayer. Started reading scripture about prayer. Started studying some of the great people of the Bible, and what did they all have in common? Their prayer time.

David prayed. Moses prayed. Samuel prayed. Jesus prayed.

Did you know there are 222 prayers in the Bible? Here is a neat list I found online. Prayers for every occasion, prayers that can help you anytime, if you don’t know how to pray. Whether you want to follow a prayer, or just need somewhere to start. The important thing is, getting started! I had an interesting viewpoint introduced to me. When you think of how big the Bible is, any time something takes up a lot of real estate, you should pay attention! 222 prayers. There is almost a prayer in every book of the Bible. Some of the books, that’s almost all they are. That’s A LOT of real estate. It’s SO IMPORTANT. It is our DIRECT LINK to the Father. It is part of why Jesus came to gave his life on the cross, to give us the Holy Spirit, that we may TALK DIRECTLY TO GOD!

Image result for worry is a conversation you have with yourself

I challenge you this week to dig into prayer more. How much more can you apply prayer in your life? Prayer continually. When you’re stressed out, stop and pray about it first. When you are about to make a decision, ask God what he thinks. Get up every morning, and THANK GOD that your eyes opened again to give you another day — and maybe even ask Him what you’re supposed to do with it? Dig in, draw closer.

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Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for your many blessings! Thank You that you’ve given us a heart of flesh. That You want to have a personal relationship with us. This morning Father, I pray that you give everyone reading this a heart of flesh, that they may burn for You Father. That they want to draw closer to You. That they start praying instead of worrying. That You Father reach down inside them and give them a sense of peace that surpasses all understanding. That You watch over them Father, and all that they do. That they understand You Great Power and Incredible Love. That You make each and every one of these people A PRAYER WARRIOR after Your own heart. I pray that You change their lives forever. That You give them an insatiable yearning for time with You, and that the time with You bears fruit in their lives. That it changes them from the inside out. That they may feel the same way about Prayer time as I do, more than I do. That You may bless them all the days of their lives and that they grow deeper in Your love and their relationship with You Father. IN JESUS’ NAME!! AMEN!!

Mission Circle

Here is a great mission that anyone can do! Because anyone can be a PRAYER WARRIOR!! Here is a group that gives you an opportunity to become a missionary, just by praying! Because everyone needs prayer!! The Gideons. You know, that group that has made it so almost every hotel in the United States has a Bible in the room. The group that dedicates time and missionaries to distributing Bibles all over the world!

Become a Prayer Warrior:


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