The God who provides

The Lord will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. – Deuteronomy 28:12

Finally, time to share with you the story of my Christmas miracles. Oh, our great, good, good Father who provides. I’m just going to jump right in today because I have been dying to share this with everyone, and because it’s a bit of a long story, but it’s a good one.

In September of this past year, my husband and I were deep in the throes of struggling to not even make ends meet, our ends couldn’t even see each other. This past year had been a year of adjustment. Some stuff just had not panned out in our lives, and we’re were trying to figure out how to live on one income again. During this time, I had started my ladies bible study, and I had really started going to my newfound church regularly. But, for four months of the year, April through July, I had also been garnished. When my husband quit his job, I was literally served within the week. Great. So, we survived that, by the skin of our teeth, and then, August was kind of looking up, but one night early September, I had a massive snit about money, and in my anger, applied for a second job. Took me a whole 15 minutes, and after I completed it, I just went on with my life. Didn’t even really think about it. Whatever. I did it out of spite. 2 days later, I get a phone call. They would like to give me an interview. Wow. Job opening hadn’t even closed yet. Well, I come to find out, they wanted me to be a checker, not a stocker, but again, I don’t really care, we are HARD UP for money. So, this is like mid-September. I interview, they accept, they give me my starting wage, and tell me that they’ll call me soon for training. Bills are piling up, I’m stressing, no one is calling. 2 weeks go by. Please come in and fill out the paperwork (W2s, etc.) Ok. So, I schedule it for a Friday, and that Friday morning, while I’m at my regular job, I get a phone call, from the Sheriff’s Dept. We have paperwork for you, please come pick it up. I’m like, you’ve got to be kidding. So, when I get off my regular job. I go to my new part-time job to fill out my W2 stuff, and then I leave there to go pick up my paperwork from the Sheriff’s Dept. and low-and-behold… I’m getting a continuation of my garnishment…. Suhweet. But, to be honest, that was the most chill and accepting I have ever been of a garnishment. Look at this, in my anger, over a month ago, I now have a job that will at least make it so my garnishment isn’t nearly as devastating as it would’ve been…#Godshowedup. And, I literally started at that second job, just in time, that as my first garnished check hit, so did my first second paycheck. *Ok, so here you might be thinking, coincidence. But this is just the intro 😉 So, fast forward a little bit, my second job paychecks are almost identical to what I’m missing out of my regular job’s garnishment. So, I also tell my boss, I’m moonlighting, just in case he gets a phone call from my current employer, asking for a reference. *Remember this part. K, So, there was September & October. Also, in this time, I’ve started listening to podcasts of sermons (which the first day of podcasts is an interesting story I’ll share sometime ;)) And, between podcasts, regular sermons, and my jobs, it’s on my heart to tithe. I’m not a tither. Although, ever since I was young, I’ve occassionally given the “two mites” that the widower gave (aka – anything I have in my wallet when the basket shows up.) And God has always given me money that week, in some crazy way, shape, or form. So, here I am, man, I should really tithe. I can’t afford to tithe. Back and forth. Stumbling across sermons that randomly go off on tangents about tithing. Ugh, can we say, internal battle. This doesn’t make sense. I’m dead broke. Christmas is coming, start tithing now? Finally, the day after Thanksgiving, I do my first real tithe, pay any bills I can. And, I forget about it. Going on with my life…. Fast forward, 6 days, and I get a phone call. *Please note, I have told no one that I tithed. No one. The phone call is from a lady that started attending my bible study group in August. She’s heard some of my struggle. She works for a non-profit, she had tried to steer me toward some different assistance programs, but not much luck. She calls me because, her non-profit, gets people -especially at Christmas-time – who would like to bless others. Would I be interested? Ummmm, duh. But, I politely say, “Yes, of course.” I’m thinking, you know, small stuff. She starts saying, to make a list of needs, like laundry soap, groceries, etc. Then, she says, make sure you put down some bigger stuff too – like maybe you need new tires? Or one of your bills paid? Also, please put down some stuff you would like to gift people for Christmas, like toys for kids, or whatever. Then, after I make a list, she’ll give it to the people, they’ll review it, and essentially, you’ll get whatever they feel they can provide. I’m not kidding, I was sporadically crying the rest of the day. I couldn’t believe it. I made a list. My car needs repair, pay my electric bill, trash bags, toys and clothes for my son and nephews. All of it. I mean, I wasn’t trying to be greedy, so I didn’t get too crazy, but if you don’t ask, you won’t receive, right? I gave her the list, the next day (7 days from the day I tithed…) And, I shared the good news with my husband. Who did not receive it well, to put it nicely. He does not approve of “hand outs”, well, I felt it was a blessing. Guess that could be a marked difference to feeling like you’re in God’s hands, versus not being there – yet. So, another week goes by. No news on the blessing front, but I’m not worried, whatever I get, I get. God will provide. Then, here we are, about a week and half later, and she shows up to bible study, and tells me we need to talk after. So, we complete our study that evening (which was a crazy spirit-filled time!!! Full of Blessings and Overflow of God in our lives!) And, after it’s over, and she gives me back my list. And says, we’ve paid one of your bills (which was a beast of a bill! :/) I start crying, a little. Then, she says, here’s a card for groceries, and some cash for one of the gifts you listed, and a gift card for you (because we noticed that you didn’t put anything on the list for yourself). And, I have some stuff in my car for you. Then, she literally gives me a gigantic bag full of laundry soap, and toothpaste, and shampoo/conditioner, and, and, and…. And Then, she pulls out another gigantic bag full of gifts for my son and my nephews. And, I’m crying as I’m writing this. I just couldn’t believe it. I tithed, and God blessed me 9x what I gave!!! Just when I needed it. Now, I know, this was just in time for Christmas, and I do not expect this kind of blessing all the time, but talk about #Godshowedup!!! WHAT?!?!!? I’m hugging and crying and I just can’t believe all this stuff! AND WE ARE NOT EVEN DONE YET! I go home, and start bringing all this stuff inside, and my husband cannot believe his eyes. I’m through the moon! Just flitting around the house, restocking everything, we were on our last trash bag, here’s a whole roll. We were down to two loads of laundry soap, here’s a 3 month supply. We were down to the last of the toothpaste, here’s a tube for everybody. My husband had been out of shaving cream for a minute, and here was his brand and particular shaving cream. Are you kidding me? Then, that evening, we had one of our most fruitful discussions about God and his blessings, more than ever before. ❤ This was a Tuesday. Then, I walk into church on Sunday, and one of our church members walks up and gives me cash, and says she was asked to give it to me by someone else, Merry Christmas! WHAT?!?!? Sorry, I don’t have better ways to depict my shock and awe at all of this. We have now reached my tithe at tenfold. Then, I walk into my job the next day (my regular job) and my boss takes me aside and says, that starting in January, he has found quite a few jobs and projects he would like me to work on, and that these would require overtime. He asked that I figure out how much overtime I needed to not have to work my second job, and he would try to make sure he found enough work to accommodate that. I was just on Cloud Holy Spirit (I would say Cloud 9, but we totally know who’s pulling the strings here). And, my last garnishment payment, was the Friday before Christmas (Merry Christmas to me!!!). I mean – look at ALL OF THAT!! Just look at it! All of that! To me there is no other explanation. And please believe, that’s not even all of it. This blog, this blog was started because I was looking every where for new inspiration on how to make money, and although, I have no belief that this blog is going to be a money maker – I started it on my ONE day off between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The ONE day, that I had other plans and had requested off, and then God had everyone cancel their plans with me that day, and the one thing I did do got over really early. Which was not lost on me, since I had told God that morning, IF I have time, I’ll do the blog today, and he wiped my calendar. To talk to all of you! To share my stories. My stories of this ladies’ bible study – which is growing! Stories of ministering to others, where I’m at. Stories of #Godshowedup!!! Because he does. He has. He always will. He’s our God of more than enough. God of overflow. God of Blessings! I’m so blessed to share this with you, so blessed to be a daughter of THE FATHER. So grateful! And looking forward to seeing you here again next time. Because, God shows up, will you?

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