Spoons (part 2)

This may seem a little crazy, but you gave me the spoons, so maybe not…

Spoons continued.  Please know, we are within hours of sharing the spoons with the lady who’s going to share them with her niece.  I’m trying to get back to work, and I kind of have another lady in my head, because you know – ladies bible study – sharing with ladies… right? Wrong. So wrong. 😛

So, I get a phone call, from a higher up (like higher than my boss.)  Hey, Stephanie, please bring me blah, blah, blah, work stuff.  Ok.  *Please note here, I absolutely love my job, love the people I work with – whole separate story, but just cannot emphasize that enough, I love my job and the company I work for* So, Ok, bring you stuff you need for a meeting – check. But, as soon as I put the phone down, the Holy Spirit goes – Hey, give him a spoon. And, I’m like, No – that’s crazy.  I like my job, and he’s a big boss, and I’ll get fired.  And, the Holy Spirit is like, Give him a spoon…. And, I’m like, aw man.  Here we go.  Now, in these following moments, I’m walking around grabbing the materials requested to bring him, and I’m “rationalizing” in my mind, “Well, maybe that’s why I have my second job right now, is because I’m going to get fired.  It’s going to be OK, you know, I have a good church, and a good support system, and God won’t let me fall, and I’m supposed to share these spoons, and … I’m going to get fired.  Well, maybe I won’t get fired til Monday….” On and on it went.  But, I packed up the little spoons, and I wrote a little note, stating I’m in a bible study, and I’m supposed to share these to share my faith, and Jesus loves you – essentially.  And, I go to the office, and I drop off the stuff, and I bolt (because he’s in meetings – so at least I don’t have to see him face-to-face).  I’m no sooner back at my desk when the phone rings.  Are you kidding me? I answer. 

“Hey”                                                                                                                                                 “Um, hi there.  Well, thanks for running that stuff right over for me.”                              “Oh yeah, no problem.”                                                                                                                       “Well, I’m really calling about the other gift you left on my desk.”                                           *My brain says: Of course you are… “Oh yeah, sure.”                                                                  “That’s really thoughtful of you, I really appreciate it.”   *I’m now absolutely, 210% floored.  Excuse me, what? I was slack-jawed on my end of the line. 

This was just the beginning of a at least 5 minute conversation, where we just briefly touch on my ladies bible study and what denomination I am, and then this happened.

Him speaking, “Well, I’d like to share this article with you about some stuff that’s happened to me.  I’d fallen away from the faith for a while, and then a lot of really miraculous stuff happened, and I just have this little article that someone else wrote about my experiences, and this may seem a little crazy, but you gave me the spoons, so maybe not.  Would you mind if I shared with you?” “Oh absolutely!!”  So – disclaimer – now I’m thinking, an article – like newspaper article, like little blip of a whatever, but that’s cool, I’m excited, this’ll be neat, and look at God show up, how incredible?! Like, I’m already ecstatic, and I can’t wait for his e-mail to come through. 

Um, people, this was a four-page magazine article about him having visions/dreams (while he is fallen away from the faith), waking up in the dead of night, with inexplicable dreams and then he’s given a word.  A word that will take him to Bosnia…. where these dreams come true….  and he assures me that the stuff that has happened since then is even more miraculous… WHAT?!?! 

Because I shared a chocolate spoon people! Because I listened to the Holy Spirit nudge me to talk to him. To her. To them. To GO!! To GO where you are.  We have since discussed that he and his wife are trying to write a book and get it published, and I just so happen to know some people who’ve published some books…. ?!?! 

The Holy Spirit moves, and lives, and if you’ll let him, LIVE IN YOU!! & And Through you! And you too will have and experience the incredibleness that is God. ❤

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