Spoons (part 1)

Go & Spread the Gospel

Ladies bible study, next chapter.  Can I just say, for a book that was supposed to be light – and more like an appetizer, we are digging deep and taking a bite out of our faith here.  *Little background noise here, there is a lot happening in all of our lives since this bible study has begun, and all of this is just building, and everyone has been doing a lot of growing.  
We finally get to the end of the 3rd chapter of this book, and it’s spoon time. We decide to melt some chocolate and make these little spoons, that again, like the cookies, we’re supposed to share with people.  This time though, I have no idea who I’m supposed to be sharing with, so they just kind of sit there, on my vanity, where I pray, hanging out for a few days, and to be honest, I forget about them for a minute.  Fast forward to Friday morning, my son is getting ready for school, and I’m taking a minute to pray for the day.  I put my hand down, and “Oh yeah, the spoons.” Well, I better bring them with me because otherwise, I don’t know who else I’m going to give them to.  One lady I know’s name pops into my head.  Oh, I bet she would appreciate one, I don’t really know her that well, but sure.  So, I get to work, and I make an impromptu oragami box to put them in, and bring them up to her office.  And for the lack of anything better to say when she looks at me standing in her doorway, “Hi. Good morning, I, um, have a gift for you.” And practically drop the box on her desk.  I had a put a little note in there, stating something to the effect of “God bless you” and have a wonderful holiday.  And, she is just overwhelmed!  She begins to cry a little, and hugs me, and just thanks me over and over.  We have a little discussion about our faith, and how I got to giving her little chocolate spoons this morning. And, it’s all very incredible.  And she says to me, that tomorrow morning her niece is coming over for coffee, and she’s going to save her spoons and share the gospel with her then.  WOW! How incredible. I’m on cloud nine. These spoons are amazing, and God is amazing. And, until an hour ago, I had no idea who I was going to share the spoons with.  *And, this is just one of the spoon testimonies.  – spoons – to be continued.  ❤

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